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Ben Murphy And How He Kept His Title


Ben Murphy talks about How Bikram Yoga has helped him to focus on his training, diet. He has just defended his Southern Region Lightweight Title. He has also had a shot at the British Welterweight Title. He took that fight 11 rounds. Ben is now working on a National Title, with the help of Bikram Yoga Brighton.

Ben will be defending his Southern Region Lightweight Title on April 6th on Sky Sports. Ben relies on Bikram Yoga to help him to focus and keep his weight down. He is packed full of muscle and loves the fact the Bikram Yoga can keep him flexible.

Bikram Yoga Brighton and what it feels like to be a beginner

Heidi was asked, at random, how she was feeling after her first week of Bikram Yoga -- how many classes she had done, what advice she would give to anyone who wanted to try Bikram Yoga for the first time? Here is what she said.



 David Solomon



David Solomon's interview on how Bikram Yoga Brighton has helped him feel fit again.





 Bikram Yoga Brighton's 30 day challenge - Day 2


Rob and Martyn have decided the challenge is on. They are working on a 30 day challenge. This is what they had to say about the affects of Bikram Yoga after two days.



Bikram Yoga Brighton's 30 day challenge - Day 6

Martyn and Robin are now on day 6 of their personal challenge. The affects are very evident in ever day life. Even down to how you park your car. Both men are keen to continue their challenge. Drinking enough water is the biggest challenge so far.



Bikram Yoga Brighton










Megan Jones Empowering Yourself with Bikram Yoga

Megan shares with us issues that she suffers from in her body at the tender age of 22. Due to hip misalignment which has been with her since birth, she is learning how to reset her stance with the help of Bikram Yoga. This is turn his helping her to eliminate the constant pain she has in her hips due to rugby and the traumas this sport put on her already misaligned hips.

The Crawley Three and Bikram Yoga Brighton

Three friends - Matthew, who brought Jerrone who then brought his lady Annette. This is a video testimonial about how they feel about Bikram Yoga and what it has done for their bodies so far. They also think that if you have not tried Bikram Yoga yet, now is the time.

Lucy Snell and Bikram Yoga for Pregnancy

Lucy Snell has been practicing Bikram Yoga for 18 months. She is now 20 weeks pregnant and has been coming to regular heated classes. Lucy is feeling great and energised and can work and manage her 3 year old so much better. Lucy would like to share with you the benefits of Bikram Yoga while pregnant.