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Taming of Mr Angry Banned Leicester coach Cockerill is hoping yoga can curb his temper. Bikram Yoga is great for improving stess and anxiety relife http://bikramyogabrighton.com/pages/Stress-Anxiety-Management

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10 hot yoga tips to become a better runner

Are you preparing for the a Marathon or race for life?  See why Bikram Yoga will help your training regime. Below we have listed the ten top reasons why runners love Bikram Yoga...
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Bikram Yoga can heal old injuries that you didn't know you had!

Injuries can remain dormant in your body for a life time.Read More

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Vita Coco Sold At Bikram Yoga Brighton Is Now The Official Hydrating Partner With Human Race (Multi Sport Event Organisers).

We've just heard that Vita Coco have partnered with the multi sport event organisers Human Race as the official hydrating partner for 2013. Human Race will be delivering over 50 events in triathlon, cycling, running, duathlon and open water swimming for over 50,000 participants of all abilities and ages each year.

Vita Coco will be offering a truly natural hydration alternative to over 50 sporting events during 2013 in the UK.  How exciting! Vita Coco is all natural, never made from concentrate come and try it after a Bikram Yoga class.

Here at Bikram Yoga Brighton we are avid fans of Vita Coco - a natural way to rehydrate after a fantastic class of Bikram Yoga!

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Did you know it takes 21 days to form a habit?

If you do something every day for twenty one days then it becomes a habit.  At Bikram Yoga Brighton we have an introductory package for clients to try hot yoga for a month.  What a great new habit to form?

Bikram yoga is a hatha practice developed by Bikram Choudhury. It consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that are performed in the same order each time in a room that is heated to 45 degrees. It is a workout for all the body - inside and out.

At Bikram Yoga Brighton we will be doing a 30 day challenge starting in April - why not join us and form a great habit?  Your body will thank you for it!  

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Congratulations to those who took part in the 2013 Brighton Half Marathon...why runners love Bikram Yoga!

Congratulations to all of you who took part in the 2013 Brighton Half Marathon!  There were over 10,000 entrants for this years half marathon, which has been organised for the last 23 years.  But apart from keeping all you runners training it also raises vital funds for some very worthwhile charities. For some of you this will be part of your training regime ready for April when you particpate in the Full marathon.  

If you are feeling a stiff, have tight muscles or an injury you should consider visiting Bikram Yoga Brighton.  The heat will help your muscles and body relax and repair.

Below we have listed the ten top reasons why runners love Bikram Yoga....

1. You build lung capacity! 

2. You sweat

3. Improved cardiovascular activity 

4. You can still practice with an injury 

5. Yoga heals old injuries 

6. You become stronger - mentally  and physically 

7. Yoga makes you alkaline!

8. Yoga encourages healthy habits

9. You will have a healthier spine than when you were a child

10. Yoga is a path to self-realisation  

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14 Days of Love

14 Days of Love - Brighton and Hove Logo

Give us love here and help us maintain our title of The Best Love Yoga Studio in the UK. We only have 14 days to do this

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Christmas Trimmings

Bikram Yoga Brighton Special Offer

‘Get your waist back challenge’ just in time for Christmas. £50 for Unlimited Yoga for six weeks, 42 days. Shape up in time for the Christmas festivities.


As winter approaches we desperately want to keep warm so we eat more stodgy foods and wear more layers, mainly adipose tissue (fat). What if you could get through winter, keep warm without the extra fat layer? Just in time for Christmas!


Bikram Yoga Brighton is setting you a challenge. Come and do Hot Yoga two to three times a week, more if you can and watch how you stay trim.

 Read More

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Bikram Yoga Brighton 30 Day Challenge Diary

Today we started our November 30 day challenge. We would like you to share our journey over the next 30 days. The high, the lows and most of all how we feel and what is happening with our bodies. as we practice Bikram Hot Yoga for the next 30 days. So follow Simon, Stepanie and Ella on this wonderfull journey.


Simon has just started yoga and completed his introductory offer. Simon has problems with the tendons in his arms and has found Bikram Yoga has reduced his pain and made him fell great. He decided to do the 30 day challenge before he had even sign up and a member. Here is his diary.

I have started my 30 day challenge during my 4th week of yoga. I have been doing 4 to 5 classes a week which I found was my limit to allow adequate recovery. By this stage I have stopped noticing the heat and no longer feel the need to drink very much during the classes.

I picked up a right rotator cuff strain or tear in my first week and this causes me quite a bit of pain whenever I raise my arms. So obviously this a is problem during most of the standing series including the initial breathing. The back of my right knee was strained in the masterclass and I have to work around this during all the front and leg bending postures. My lower back seems to be easily irritated as well at the moment.

Day 1 -  01/11/12 - Felt good and energised as yesterday was a day off from yoga.

Day 2 - 02/11/12 - Spent the day in Coventry and felt quite tired before the class. Class was great and I felt very energised. Straight to football afterwards. Exhausted by the time I got to bed.

Day 3 -  03/11/12 - I found the lesson hard and I didn't have much energy. Lower back was irritated by the locust, bow pulling and cobra.

Day 4 - 04/11/12 - Felt dreadful from 10 mins into the class. Very low energy, couldn't relax, increased heart rate, shortness of breath and knee, shoulder and back very irritated. I had to sit out half of a couple of the later exercises as I felt drained. Lower back is now spasming so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Day 5 - 05/11/12 - Lower back was very sore and very nearly didn't go to class. I was suprised how good I felt during the class as it was so bad yesterday. I irritated my back again just before the end of the class with a sit up so need to watch that. My balance is still very bad. I think my lower legs/ankles must be weaker than I realised. My back is very sore now.

Day 6 - 06/11/12 - Very sore lower back and shoulder very irritated. The class was tough as I seem to be running out of energy very quickly. Ragged breathing also a problem.

Day 7 - 07/11/12 - I really did not want to do this class. Neck now twinging on top the lower back problem. Right knee still sore. Very little energy during class and breathless. Sat out a couple of postures because of lower back pain.  I need to check my hydration as I don't understand why I am feeling so low. Back now hurting 24/7 so have to consider whether stopping the challenge.

Day 8 - 08/11/12 - absolutely sh&t class. Had to sit out many postures. Shoulder, neck and pain very intrusive. Knee pain effecting forward bend. Very hard to stay focused. Getting frustrated and angry with the pain which doesn't help. Zero pleasure ;-)

Day 9 - 09/11/12 - Merde, awful, frustrating painful practice. Sat out too many postures. Getting frustrated and angry.

Day 10 - 10/11/12 - Had a chat with Lucy and Sam before practice. They told me to back right right off and try to relax. I am trying too hard to work with the injuries. The practice was much better although still painful. I find it difficult not to work at 100%.

Day 11 -11/12/12- Not a great session ... pain issues still. Sat out many postures.

Day 12 -12/11/12- Backed right off as suggested by Sam. Got through all postures so was quite a positive. Shoulder bad though.

 Day 13 - 13/11/12-Moved to the hottest part of the room. Too hot for me as I felt like I was burning up. Couldn't stop focusing on my shoulder pain and felt very fatigued. One day I will have a good session.

Day 14 -14/11/12- Shoulder pain now effecting the whole practice and getting worse. Impossible to work around as it interferes with nearly all of the postures. Tough and painful session.

Day 15 -15/11/12- I tried but the shoulder pain started immediately during pranayama. I lasted about 10 mins but had to get out of the class. I couldn't face 90 mins of trying to work around my shoulder. FAIL!!!!

Day 16- 16/11/12- Trying hard to work around my shoulder. At least I made it through the class but it was far from enjoyable. Hamstrings and lower back seem to be getting tighter every day .. was is all that about? ;-) Back of my knees painful in all forward bends .. hey ho

Day 16 -16/11/12- Session 2 - Well, I was very surprised at how well this class went. It's the first time I have tried a double. Where earlier I felt very stiff and it was difficult to relax and work around the pain, here it felt relatively easy. Lots of energy, too. Shoulder sore now though ;-)

Day 17 -17/11/12-I decided to try the 5pm session today as yesterday's later session seemed to suit me better. My body felt a lot looser than in the morning and I was able to relax more easily. Shoulder still painful but overall a good session.

Day 18 -18/11/12- Woke up feeling very tight in the back and hamstrings so opting for the evening session as I feel looser then. Still have to work around my shoulder but overall, not too bad and managing to relax.    

Day 19 -19/11/12- Again feeling tight so skipped the morning session again. Not a bad session as before. Shoulder still sore. Back of knees painful in standing seperate leg stretching. Overall pretty good class.

Day 20 - 20/11/12- Woke up with very tight hamstrings and back. Shoulder and backs of knees still painful. Heating now fixed and I foolishly stayed by the fire exit. Too hot for me and I felt very fatigued after the standing series.

Day 21 - 21/11/12- Again very stiff this morning. When does this subside? Too stiif to do a morning class. I moved away from the heat for the class. Still felt very hot and quite breathless. It goes without saying that my shoulder and knees were sore.

Day 22 -22/11/12-  Woke up very tight again. The daily practice is really feeling like a chore now and I'm finidng it hard to feel positive during the class. Shoulders, knees and lower back sore. Trying to work around the pain and relax. Not good.

Day 23 - 23/11/12- Did not want to be here today. There isn't one posture where I am not in pain now. Shoulders, knees, lower back, and now elbows, neck and lower legs sore. Fatiguing quickly. Hope this phase will pass soon as practice is zero enjoyable at the moment.

Day 24 - 24/11/12- if today's practice was a sandwich, it would be a shit sandwich. Worst session yet that I haven't got up and walked out of.

Day 25 - 25/11/12-  body very sore now everywhere. Feel fatigued very quickly. Managed most postures

Day 26 -26/11/12-  when will this get easier? Painful session ... lower back and hamstrings tight and had no energy left after the warmup. Felt completely drained. No desire to be in the room tonight.

Day 27 - 27/11/12- SHOCK HORROR! Hold the front page ... a good practice today. Felt relaxed and managed to control the pain. This is down to the fact that CJ gave us the opportunity to come back to our breath between postures and sets, especially while climbing the mountain. This makes all the difference to me because, if my breathing becomes ragged then my whole practice goes down the pan. CHeers CJ!

Day 28 - 28/11/12- Made it through the session ok without sitting out anything. Tried to control my breathing and work around shoulder and knee pain. Any kind of head to knee stretching is very painful.

Day 29 - 29/11/12-  Felt the same as day 28. Breathing was ok and worked at my own pace.

Day 30 - 30/11/12- A rookie teacher today ... interesting. Uneventful final practice which felt a little of an anticlimax. Knee and shoulder pain still prominent.

So, what it like to do a 30 day challenge? Well, it was hard but not as hard as you would think. Once into the routine it is just a matter of dragging myself along to so it. The problem for me was that the pain made most sessions rather unpleasant and in those cases my mind was focused on purely avoiding this pain. If you are injury free then it would be a doddle. It is probably something that should not be attempted by beginners like myself.

So here are the effects I have noticed with the 30 days (bear in mind that I only started Bikram in the beginning of October and had completed 15 sessions prior to the session).

Lung capacity has increased. I have noticed this while cycling.

I do feel stronger overall but nothing specific.

I wake up with very tight hamstrings every day.

My lower back is irritated.

I have pain behind both knees especially the right one.

Both shoulders are sore and irritated even in bed.

My resting heart has risen from 38 - 42 up to 47 bpm. This may be down to the daily exercise without a rest day.

I am a lot less flexible now than when I started.


I also managed to get through 6 kgs of Epsom Salts, 60 High 5 Zero tabs and at least an extra 90 litres of water during the month ;-)


Ella has been practising Bikram Yoga for about nine months now. She has an excellent practice and can already do the standing splits in bow. Ella is dealing with health issues and is determined to use Bikram Yoga to cleanse and heal. Ella had a benign Pituitary tumour, which was removed last November, unfortunatly the tumour has started to grow back. Elle has decided to use the  registered charity called Yes to Life to help her to use alternative therapy to reduce the tumour. At the Vision of Hope Clinic based in Dyke Road Ella is recieving treatment from Dr Andre-Smell which involves an alternative form of Chemotherapy/ Radiation, which is nontoxic and is given intravenously everday Ella is determined that this treatment, which is done over 3 months will reduce the tumour. Otherwise she will have to have further surgery and Radiotherapy in January 2013.

Ella is using this 30 day challenge to raise money for the Yes to Life Charity. Please give generously. Check the link here to check out Ella's Giving page and the website 

Day 1 - 01/11/12- Ready and willing to start this challenge. I have got lots of issues to deal with right now and I did not want to come to class. After class though i felt so much better, loser and lighter.

Day 2- 02/11/12-I felt excited to take class today. I finished with a headache, but I feel I need more, so I may do a double today.

Day 3- 03/11/12- Felt sluggish today, but got through it.

Day 4- 04/11/12- Treatment stopped my coming

Day 5 05/11/12-  Treatment stopped me coming

Day 6- 06/11/12- Yoga Drunk la la land

Day 7-07/11/12- I have had one hour sleep after lat nights practice. This mornings practice was very energised. I do find the body endlessly facinating.

Day 8- 08/11/12-Lovely open relaxed practice - feel great

Michelle Brind:

Day 1- 01/11/12-I started the 30 day challenge today with lots of enthusiasm, as I am going to raise money for Chestnut Tree House Childrens Hospice, the only one of its kind in Sussex. Check out more information here.

Chestnut Tree House, near Arundel, is the only children's hospice in Sussex and provides specialist palliative care to children and young adults. They are amazing. My enthusiasm caused me to pull a muscle in Standing Separate Leg Stretching, but I felt good after Spine twist at the end.

Day 2- 02/11/12-Body down, body down, body down, leg up, leg up, leg up. Oh dear right leg wouldn't lift, so reated right side as much as possible and concentrated on left side. I managed to improve  head to knee with strtching at the end this way. Looking forward to tomorrow. I already have a few donations for Chestnut Tree House.

Day 3- 03/11/12- Managed to only fall out of Eagle once today, yay. Breathing a improved a little too. I just love it.

Day 4- 04/1/12- It was extra hot today as it was a packed class, I felt excellent when I had finished. Best of all I managed a good Triangle too.

Day 5- 05/11/12- Felt tired before class, but by time I finished felt more energised, so a good day.

Day 6- 06/11/12- Phew I've done 2 classes today, after the first felt exhausted went home and had a nap!
Then second one was fantastic much more energised and felt postures were easier.

Day 7- 07/11/12- I just did my first baack to back double. The first class was great, but the second class i wanted to stay in Savasana, but by the time Savasana was over I felt better.

Day 8 -08/11/12- Exhausted after class is an understatement shaking muscles, but sure will feel benefit later!!! plus extra water. Day

Day 9 - 09/11/12-After feeling so tired yesterday I found today energising and was, as Ella put the other day, in "Yoga la la land". I've also been ridicuously thirsty even though I drink lots of good water. I found drinking 500 -1000ml of warm water an hour before class really helps - only needed a few sips instead of most of bottle today.

Day 10  -10/11/12-Yay 1/3 of the way there! Think my back starting to loosen up lots of cracking sounds in the last 2 days. Feel really good.

Day 11- 11/11/12- Today was nice, more relaxed feeling, didn't feel as hot as yesterday.

Day 12 -12/11/12-Didn't feel like class today as knees stiff but glad I made the effort as now feeling good.

Day 13 -13/11/12-I found today difficult to concentrate but must have been doing OK as Lucy said I'd practiced well which made my day!

Day 14 -14/11/12-Today felt stiff trough class but assumes because room not as hot as usual, really appreciated Donna's tips through class - thank you.

Day 15 -15/11/12-Much hotter today and remember to love camel as Sam has mentioned a few times recently.I've notice a big improvement in balancing series this week, still wobble a lot but able to hold better.

 Day 16 -16/11/12-Felt stiff again today but a bit better by the end. My very tight shoulders are a little less tight and painful, although difficult not to laugh as I see my head come up at a funny angle during pranayama breathing.

 Day 17 -17/11/12-Best day this week - feel great.



Stephanie has been practising Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Brighton on and off  for 15 months. Stepahnie came back to us after a long break and is determined to have some time for herself.

Day 1- 01/11/12 Started 30 day challenge with an open mind, hitting fifty, surrounded by teenagers (food drink money lifts) thinking the practise will feel like therapy. I felt light headed in the afternoon and realised I should have water. I need to discipline my after-care.

Day 2- 02/11/12 Really enjoyed today, Sam knows exactly where your at in posture, I felt the adjustment and rush of energy to the aligned points. Initially the postures seem daunting but its the alignments that make them work. I struggle with toe stand and both leg locust so hoping to master these beasts.

Day 3- 3/11/12 3rd day into challenge, Im not sure about commenting as feel I need to leave my practise in the studio perhaps because of family pressures. I will say that today I felt I was holding stress in my upper back causing tension and the class seemed long.

Day 4- 4/11/12- A much more enjoyable class, it was packed and I felt the energy flow. I left with a smile ready to seize the day.

Day 5- 5/12/12 I looked forward to class, I'm definateley getting into the swing of it, the continuity does work (at the moment!) I'm gaining balance and the knees are locking in posture. 

Day 6-6/11/12 6th day into the challenge. My head said no my soul said go! I am so pleased I did, what an immense class there was heat power and energy I got lost (in a positive way) in the space and came out feeling stronger. CJ was brilliant, so in tune with everybodies potential, a big thank you see you tomorrow. Stef X

Day 7- 7/11/12 7th day into challenge, I planned to go to 8am class but didnt make it, too early at this stage. I came to the 5.30 class, I dont know what happened to my legs they didnt feel they belonged to my body, they wobbled when told to lock and got knotted in the toe stand, I felt clumsy and uncoordinated but what a revelation, I actually looked forward to the spine series! Donnas demonstrations were immaculate and effortless making me realise there is lots of work to be done, till tomorrow Stef X

Day 8- 8/11/12 8th day into challenge and looking forward to class, the teacher had an accent which I found hypnotic and direct it definateley encouraged my practise. I am pushing myself into postures, not because of ego but to get to the other side if that makes sense, I fear that if I relax the posture I'll stop, this is strange because I am so not like that in everyday life. Physically I'm seeing improvements, waist is shaping, neck is firming, butts tightening, thank you God! Stef X

Day 9-9/11/12- Not so good today, I feel rough, not sure if its my daughters virus or the drinks I had last night. My head was disengaged I wanted to go home, but I did it. Sam was encouraging and my spine willed me on, I felt I stretched further than ever maybe because I wasn't trying so hard so my breath was relaxed. Learning all the time, Stef x

Day 10-10/11/12- I felt good entering the studio and had a strong class. I feel I moved further into the postures apart from toe stand, my body and standing leg struggle to engage there seems to be a communication problem. I'm really enjoying the challenge so far and starting to feel the benefits, it's still early day. Stef x

Day 11-11/11/12- I had blocked sinuses which made the practise difficult as strong inhalation is needed to maintain strength (I'm learning), I powered through but struggled with balance Im sure rhythmic breathing is the key. I left the class light headed but ok. I'm enjoying discovering how your body responds to different times of the day. Stef X

Day 12-12/11/12- Had a strange one today, loads of stress and nonsense before but walked in with an open heart, I was so hot today I was almost embarrassed by the amount I sweat I'm sure its my breathing (or the dreaded hot flushes!) Must take the positive from class, Sam said my spine had opened up in bow, at least I think it was me? Twelve days in, I feel heavy today. Stef x

Dat 13- 13/11/12- day into challenge and Im feeling tired. The breathing problems have affected my practise and momementum. I entered the studio with a weight on my back, however, it was packed and full of energy, I squeezed in and powered through. My sinuses cleared during class and I felt clarity. It was akin to running a marathon and I only run when Im late! I left with a sense of achievement. I shall return tomorrow evening,

Day 14-14/11/12- day of challenge and have decided to relax my approach and concentrate on alignments and transitions. I left the studio with serenity rather than a buzz, balance is the key. stef x

Day 15 -15/11/12-15th day of challenge, half way there! Entered studio with a tight lower back and pinching sciatic nerve. I relaxed into practise and forgot the aches. Really enjoyed the session it feels like I'm turning a corner, practise ironed out whatever had happened from the day before and I felt good. Stef x

Day 16 -16/11/12-16th day of challenge, I'm becoming comfortable in my practise although I feel I've hit a brick wall with the toe stand, patience is needed. Stef x

Day 17- 17/11/12- 17th day of challenge, today felt like a dance, not sure if it was the pasa doble or the okie cokie but something was happening, the class felt rhythmic and syncronised, Donna was direct and encouraged the flow. I could have easily gone out dancing! Stef x

Day 18- 18/11/12- 18th day of challenge, it so feels like a Sunday morning, I could easily just have laid in bed reading the papers watching Friends repeats but got to class just in time, thankfully Sams class was strong and determined carrying me through, I also managed to raise a hand in the toe stand, not for long but it got up there. Tomorrow Stef x

Day 19- 19/11/12- 19th day of challenge, was good to be in CJ's class I love the humour and encouragement, also learnt a simple adjustment in forehead to knee which completely sorted the posture ( its easy when you know how! ) toe stand was rubbish, easy to get in to but so hard to get out of!!!!! hmm. till tomo Stef x

Day 20- 20/11/12- 20th day of challenge, I was late into the studio so only had two spaces to choose from, the front row or beneath steam heater by sun, I chose the latter! I certainly didn't dance out of the studio today, Sam even chuckled. The heating had been fixed, just my luck. Within 20 minutes I was internally combusting, my mat was swamped I could barely open my eyes. I thought is it just me but I think everyone looked pretty hot. Practise was ok up to forehead to knee, I thought I'd grasped the adjustment but its so easy to forget when your knees wobbling. Toe stand was the same, my knees are feeling it as they normally hyper extend but are having to support whilst straight, its not easy teaching old knees! Finished practise in a state of collapse, got home and missed heat, till tomorrow Stef x

Day 21- 21/11/12- 21st day of challenge, I entered the studio with hope not confidence! It was hot!! I found an open space without neighbours which was different. I enjoyed my space, I bent stretched and lifted to my capabilities so felt ok, Sam is always a strength.

Day 22- 22/11/12- 22nd day of challenge, only obvious place left was in front row right hand corner, I felt hot and conspicuous. I wobbled a lot but found that I had more composure in bow pose due to mirror. Left really tired, till tomo Stef x

Day 23- 23/11/12- 23rd day of challenge, the heat this week has been like fighting the storm rather that riding the wave, so entering the studio was a battle, the teacher was unfamiliar to me but I liked her approach she addressed postures physiologically and was hands on with adjustments. I wore shorts today which is a first!! The knees were listening they had nowhere to hide, I feel I stepped forward. Stef x

day 24- 24/11/12- 24th day of challenge, felt tired today but was drawn to hottest spot in room (why!!!) I slugged it out but felt wobbly, the knees are feeling it now. I did feel focused and enjoyed the intensity. Stef x

Day 25- 25/11/12- 25th day of challenge, entered the studio with reasonable energy, I had space around me which seemed to make my practice flow. Almost there with head to toe, toe stand has stagnated, the legs and knees need a rest. Stef x

Day 26- 26/11/12- 26th day of challenge, I can feel postures improving as the penny drops, the brain seems to be sending the right messages and my confidence is improving balance, I'm struggling with these last few days as works mounting, and the family are demanding, I even dreamt that I'd got the dates wrong and I had to continue for another week, I panicked! Stef x

Day 27- 27/11/12- 27th day of challenge, I entered feeling flat, I'd dragged myself to class, I normally feel a rush of excitement after searching for a parking space, rushing through the doors and anticipating a space, however the studio was heaving, I was directed to front slighty invading my neighbours space, the room was full of energy and the time flew, I felt more composed than ever and reached new levels in the standing series, my neighbour shared humour and it felt like a comfort zone. CJ was dynamic and humorous as ever introducing new students to the Land of Yogis. I realised that my last three classes had been very similiar so tonight was a great turning point. Stef x

Day 28- 28/11/12- 28th day of challenge, Rush hour challenged me so it was good to enter a calm methodical class I used the space to align and refine (apart from toe stand :( !). Stef x

Day 29- 29/11/12-  29th day of challenge, I cant believe it one day to go, I've managed to come everyday, funny thing was a close friend whom I hadn't seen for a while had become a student, it was rewarding to see her and boosted my practise. I held the postures and kept focused. Stef x



7:44 am

Come to Bikram Yoga Brighton - Clocks are going back one hour this weekend!!

The clocks are going back this weekend...you could have an extra hour in bed OR you could come and practice a class on Sunday. Think how much better you would feel!

Lots of great price packages. Please look at our website www.bikramyogabrighton.com 

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