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  • Bikram Yoga Brighton

    Heating is up and raring to go, so come and get Sweaty at Bikram Yoga Brighton

  • Bikram Yoga Brighton

    Welcome to Bikram Yoga Brighton the Hottest Yoga In the South


  • Time to Get Your Sweat on Detox in January on our 30 Day Challenge

  • Aerial Yoga  Have arrived £45 For 4 Classes Booking Essential

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Taming of Mr Angry

Taming of Mr Angry Banned Leicester coach Cockerill is hoping yoga can curb his temper. Bikram Yoga is great for improving stess and anxiety relife http://bikramyogabrighton.com/pages/Stress-Anxiety-Management


Today, tomorrow, yesterday our bodies are ever changing.



Bikram Yoga Brighton offers hot yoga taught in Bikram style, using 26 Hatha yoga postures in 50% humidity. Bikram yoga is great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Bikram Yoga Brighton also offers Youth/Childrens' Yoga and Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga. Bring your yoga mat, towel and water and get fit sweating!


Hot Bikram Yoga Brighton, what a Yogahaven, where you can practice dynamic yoga in a real hot yoga class in 50% humidity. The heat allows you to sweat through the largest organ of your body: your skin. What a great way to detox. Get fit from the inside out. Do not be afraid of the heat; it is well known for boosting your immunity. Yoga Brighton has never been so hot. Hot Yoga Classes Brighton is yoga Bikram style, offering 26 Hatha dynamic yoga postures, as a beginners yoga. Bikram Yoga Teachers Brighton have all been certified by Bikram himself. Great for beginners yoga and advanced practitioners. So Sussex, come to Hot Bikram Yoga Brighton for Hot Yoga, Youth/Childrens' Yoga and Rajashree's Pregnancy Yoga. Bring your yoga mat, towel and water and let's get fit sweating from the outside in and the inside out! Sweat, Strech, Cleanse, Detox and fall in love with sweating.





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Award - 2.2.1, Most Loved Business In Town Award - 2.2.3, Loved Business In The UK  Award - 2.2.2, Most Loved Business In Category (1)
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Bikram Yoga Brighton

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